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There’s something new in the Westend!

Brand building | Brand design | Website development

Ready for an image change: Berlin doesn’t end somewhere deep in the west – it is where the city begins. With a simple twist, this building in the west of Berlin is being turned into a brand that is heading towards new horizons. The branding presents WestStart as the ideal location for getting projects off the ground. For deep work without distractions, sprints that produce results and an outlook with extensive prospects. The optimistic attitude informs the entire communication concept, from the logo to the website.

The brand design embraces the colour of the building and uses the ‘W’ as an inspirational element.

Interested parties can visit the website to explore the building for themselves and arrange a viewing appointment.

The drone shots in the online video reveal new perspectives on and around the building. For anyone who is ready to take off in WestStart.

The marketing documents bring the building and the WestStart brand to life.

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